Empowering you, your brand and your organisation to increase value:
Whether it involves a company, organisation or you as an individual, Professor Shalit brings foresight, objectivity and a viewpoint to challenge and add value through the enhancement of your thinking. Often those with great ideas are too close to them to be able to have the vision to make them happen. Sometimes people have the big idea but lack the connections and access to bring them to fruition. Here too we can deliver the added magic ingredient. As a ‘repeater’ of global success for those InterTalent has represented and worked with over the last 25 years, Shalit Global Consulting will empower you, your brand and company to maximise income, profits and opportunities where you need to be – from the macro holistic perspective through to micro deal closing.

Brand creation & extensions, Merchandise, Licensing & IP:
At InterTalent this has been an important core part of our business, generating many millions of pounds. We now offer our experience and expertise to other businesses beyond our own.

Growing a Company / Recruitment into the creative mix:
People and the ideas that evolve from and around them are integral to any successful business. In the creative industries, though, the challenge of building the right team, blending individual creativity with team ethos is unique. Great creative people who will build and inspire your business are often not the obvious hire. We can advise on hiring strategies and offer incisive and specific guidance on sometimes digging deep to discover the hidden gems – and the occasional need to reject the obvious fix.

Reputation management and future proofing:
Today reputation, more than ever, is everything. A momentary indiscretion or past lapse of judgement, can virtually destroy individual, organisational or corporate standing in the time it takes to post a Tweet. Professor Shalit is uniquely positioned to assist where the consequences of the moment may be horrific and require quick, insightful and discreet action to rescue the perceptions of all you stand for and have achieved. Our tentacles stretch far and wide with an unparelled address book and database allowing discreet calls to get your reputation back on track or at least limit the damage.

Reputational due diligence:
Protection against the past and present involves a full audit of media and other public source documents, which journalists could potentially use to the detriment of individuals and organisations if and when they might fall victim, either by choice or by dint of the news agenda, under the media spotlight. It’s as valuable for a performer moving from obscurity into a high profile soap or drama role as it is for an entrepreneur publicising their profile against the business, or for a sports person entering into a sponsorship deal or someone considering standing for Parliament. It is crucial also to a company or organisation that may be accused, either through its actions or those of an employee, of straying from its core values of mission.